Archeologists have found evidence at the San Marcos River connected with the Clovis culture, which recommends that the river has been the site of human habitation for more than 10,000 years. The San Marcos Springs are the third-largest collection of springtimes in Texas. Never in recorded history has the river run dry.

In 1689, Spaniard Alonso de Leon led an exploration from Mexico to discover Texas and establish objectives and also presidios in the area. De Leon’s event assisted blaze the Camino Real(later on called the Old San Antonio Road), which complied with contemporary Hunter Road, Hopkins Road, and Aquarena Springs Drive (the path later moved four miles to the south; it is now complied with by Region Road 266, known in your area as Old Bastrop Freeway). De Leon’s event got to the river on April 25, the feast day of St. Mark the Evangelist; the river was thus called the San Marcos.

In January 1808, a small team of Mexican families settled at the Old Bastrop Highway crossing of the river, and also called the settlement Villa de San Marcos de Neve. The settlers were pestered by floods and also Indian raids, and also the settlement was abandoned in 1812.

In November 1846, the first Anglos worked out at the San Marcos Springs. The Texas Legislature arranged Hays Area on March 1, 1848, and also designated San Marcos as the region seat. In 1851, a community center was outlined concerning a mile southwest of the headwaters of the river. The town ended up being a facility for ginning as well as milling local agricultural products. The community’s most noteworthy founder and very early inhabitant was Gen. Edward Burleson, a hero of the Texas Transformation as well as previous vice president of the Republic of Texas. Burleson developed a dam on the upper reaches of the river in 1849. The dam powered numerous mills, consisting of one within contemporary Sewell Park.

In the years adhering to the arrival of the International-Great Northern Railway in 1881, livestock and cotton gave the basis for the growth of San Marcos as a center for commerce as well as transport.

In 1866, the Coronal Institute was developed as a very early private secondary school. In 1899, Southwest Texas State Typical School (currently called Texas State University) was established as an educator’s university to fulfill need for public school teachers in Texas. In 1907, the San Marcos Baptist Academy was established, furthering education as an essential market for the community. The needs of The second world war forced the community’s market to branch out, and also with the emergence of production as well as the light industrial sector, the community began to experience growth.
In the late 1940s, former Hollywood director Shadrack Graham produced a docudrama regarding daily life in San Marcos as part of his “Our Home Community” collection of films that urged business and also civic task in tiny areas. The movie highlights several local companies from the period, consisting of Smith’s Flowers, Waldrin’s Cleaners, Lack’s Furniture, and the Royal Residence Theater.

Gary Flying Force Base, just eastern of town, was opened in 1942 as San Marcos Army Air Field, renamed San Marcos Air Force Base in 1947, and renamed ultimately in 1953 in honor of Lieutenant Arthur Edward Gary, eliminated at Clark Field in the Philippines on December 7, 1941, the initial San Marcan to pass away in World War II. Throughout the war, the base trained over 10,000 navigators, and also in the complying with years was the largest facility of Flying force and also Military helicopter training for pilots and auto mechanics in the USA, with 21 armadas as well as 4800 employees pointed there. The base was turned over to the Military in 1956, renamed Camp Gary, and was enclosed 1963. Ultimately, part of the base was taken over by the city for use as San Marcos Airport Terminal, while an additional part was reopened in 1966 as the Gary Job Corps Facility.

In the 1960s, with the establishment of Aquarena Springs as well as Wonder Globe as destinations, the tourist industry ended up being an expanding component of the city’s economic situation. By the 1960s, what was after that called Southwest Texas State University had turned into an essential regional institution, and also when combined with the production of Gary Task Corps Training Facility in 1965, education ended up being the largest industry in San Marcos. The exceptional development explosion of Austin further allowed San Marcos to thrive.
By 1973, San Marcos, as well as Hays County, were consisted of by the U. S. Census Bureau in the Austin Metropolitan Statistical Area. By that year, the city’s populace had grown to 25,000 residents, in addition to an extra Southwest Texas State College student body of 20,000.

By 1990, the city’s population had actually expanded to 28,743, by 2000, it got to 34,733, and by 2010, it was 44,894. A report released by the UNITED STATE Demographics Bureau in Might, 2013, mentioned that San Marcos had the highest possible rate of development amongst all U.S. cities as well as towns with at least 50,000 individuals. Its population increased by 6.9% between 2011 as well as 2012. The university, now referred to as Texas State University, flaunts a pupil body of 34,225.

In 1991 protestors advocating for the legalization of cannabis carried out a civil disobedience activity and also was detained; they became known as the San Marcos Seven.

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